In fall 2016, three young researchers met in Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania. They came from different disciplines with dissimilar backgrounds but shared the same passion for one specific technology – additive manufacturing (AM), or known as 3D printing. They have found a strong synergy through discussions and collaborations, which has expanded their own knowledge, shaping new ideas, and promoted research insights.

That’s us, and we would love to share the synergy and associated outcomes with the whole community who is interested in additive manufacturing. So we start Huang, Cheng & Tang (HCT). We aim at offering technical & strategic insights and solutions to help accelerate technology transition and unlock the potential benefits of additive manufacturing in R&D and real production.

We have years of experience specifically in strategic planning, design, optimization, and material science for additive manufacturing with unique resources and insights. Over 25 papers with these insights have been published in leading journals. Our work has been recognized by US DOE, America Makes, NASA, GE, HP, Ansys, Deloitte and other organizations. Our specialization in additive manufacturing includes topology optimization, design for additive manufacturing, ROI/competitiveness analysis, proper application screening, material failure/fatigue prediction and prevention, and others.

If you want to learn more about each of us, the detailed bios of us are as below:

Dr. Runze Huang,

Dr. Lin Cheng, and

Dr. Ming Tang

You can contact us through the contact page or use the contact information as below: